Yoga Stops Traffick 2024

Yoga Stops Traffick 2024


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Yoga Stops Traffick is an annual worldwide campaign to raise awareness and much-needed funds to support survivors of human trafficking in India. Yoga Stops Traffick is organised and run by a small UK charity called Adventure Ashram (Charity no: 1122629). The funds raised from the Yoga Stops Traffick events help rescue and rehabilitate survivors of human trafficking in India. For over a decade, Yoga Stops Traffick has provided vital support for the women and children at the Odanadi Seva Trust safe houses in Mysore, India. 

Over the past 34 years Odanadi has rescued 14,000 women and children from human trafficking and 650 survivors have accessed vocational training breaking the cycle of trafficking. Many of the survivors have suffered horrendously as victims of domestic and sexual violence, slavery and child marriage. The home curates a tailored therapeutic healing process for survivors that includes; access to education, yoga, counselling, therapeutic support, chance to enroll in vocational training like a bakery and beautician.  

"I was seriously and completely broken, it was a hell kind of situation I witnessed every single second. I am feeling so happy for bringing me back to the normal condition and to lead a dignified life. Thank you for being the reason to smile, I stay in Odanadi and continue my education. My sincere gratitude to Odanadi and Yoga Stops Traffick".

Women such as Jayanthi who endured terrible physical and sexual violence after her husband introduced her to an international trafficking network. At Odanadi, Jayanthi received counselling to help her overcome past traumas and learnt new skills as a beautician. She now lives independently and owns her own beauty parlour. 

Thank you for your contribution! It makes a real, life-changing difference to the survivors of trafficking we are working hard to support!

Anyone can take part, find out more at or email us [email protected]